CSCL Mail in Registration Form


Player Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________


School: __________________________________________________Grade: ___________

USCF ID#: __________________ Exp.  __________ Phone:_________________________

 Date of Birth  ________________        Gender:     Male    Female


Section  (Check one):

______ K-12 Open ______ K-12-U-1000
______ K-8 U-750 ______ K-5 U-600
______ K-3 U-300  





Entry Fee (Circle One): (Regular USCF memberships do not include a magazine, but online version)

CSCL All 4 tournaments - includes a USCF membership as stated on Flyer)


Single Tournament with USCF membership as stated on Flyer


Single Tournament (must have a current USCF membership except in K-3 section)



Total Fees Enclosed      ________   

Make checks payable to CSCL.  Send COMPLETED form and fees to:


P.O. Box 83

Mogadore, OH 44260